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We make fact-checking happen.

CheckFirst is a software solution that helps journalists, citizens and experts connect, organise and debunk fake-news.

Our tool enables truth seekers to fight the plage of falsehoods proliferating around the internet, especially on social networks. We're building our own network of open, decentralised newsrooms around the world and give them cutting-edge verification methodology and technologies, as well as a place to keep and publish all their work.

Developed the Hard Way

Our platform is based on a social experience that happened in Belgium and France during the spring of 2020 COVID-19 lockdown. Tens of journalists, experts and citizens showed good will to debunk fake news about the pandemic but had no efficient way to unite and coordinate. We designed a system to make that happen and succeeded.

Bringing crowdsourcing to the next level

We offer fact checkers a tool that allows them to work in team, to verify, follow and debunk every suspicious news they might see. We provide newsroom with a system to get feedback from their audience and involve them in their process, all while insuring that a rigorous methodology is always followed.

As transparency is an essential value in our work, we encourage the implementation of "Open Newsrooms", which allows readers to follow the progress of investigations before they are published.

We also train fact checkers to use tools and follow protocols designed by us, in accordance to world class fact checking standards, providing accountability to build trust among the public.

Nos principes fondateurs

Notre charte éthique définit les principes directeurs de CheckFirst et les conditions liées à l'utilisation des outils mis à disposition par CheckFirst. Elle s'inspire de documents faisant référence dans les domaines du journalisme, de la recherche, de l'utilisation d'information en ligne et du respect de la vie privée.

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Our network of newsrooms

  • Mammouth Media Belgium
  • Africa check West Africa
  • Les vérificateurs Ivory Coast
  • Tunisia Checknews Tunisia

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