Check First is involved in various projects of different nature and scale: from tools and methodologies creation to monitoring and research, discover how and where we put our skills and knowledge at the service of those who fight against disinformation.


COM-PRESS Discover

Combating disinformation by equipping journalists with new image manipulation insights and detection methods

Crossover Discover

CrossOver tracks and measures the influence of content recommendation algorithms on social media in Belgium, exposing how they can lead to mis- and disinformation.

OKSA Discover

OKSA is a state of the art research analysis tool.

22vlalapub Discover is a tool monitoring political advertising during the 2022 French presidential elections, and more specifically the candidates, their parties, and the campaign themes

ODIL Discover

The platform lists and highlights more than 60 initiatives tackling disinformation throughout the French-speaking world.

FACT Discover

The FACT network is a new blockchain with a token-based incentive mechanism for a decentralised global information verification system and database network.

Journalistes Solidaires Discover

Journalistes Solidaires (JS) is a collaborative, fact-checking initiative, bringing together journalists, experts and citizens.

About us

We empower the fight against disinformation. Check First is a software and methodologies company founded by a developer and two journalists. We focus on creating the best tools and practices for the peculiar job of countering and monitoring fakes and influence campaigns, and gain time in the process by fostering collaboration. Our best asset is the complementarity of our founding team, making us approach problems in a comprehensive and innovative way.

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