Check First publishes its OSINT investigation review process

You might have read some of our investigations, but why should you trust us? In an effort to be as transparent as possible on the way we work, we just published the review process Check First uses prior to any publication of our OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigations.

This process informs the reader about the way Check First ensures the quality of its work in a time when the term “OSINT” became a buzzword used to many ends by many differently trustworthy actors. By implementing a review process (both internal and external) of our cases, we intend to give the community proof of our best efforts to provide clear, reliable and unbiased information.

Learn more about our review process for OSINT investigation on our dedicated page.

About us

Check First is a leading Finnish software and methodologies company, spearheading adversarial research techniques. We believe that everyone should be able to understand how and why content is presented to them. We advocate for online clarity and accountability, building solutions to attain this goal. Partnering with leading institutions, regulators, NGOs and educators, we aim at curbing the spread of disinformation and foreign influence manipulations.

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