AI Summit

The first AI Summit will bring together decision makers and AI-related stakeholders from across public service media (PSM) to exchange knowledge, build alignment and explore ways to embrace the opportunities as well as face the challenges presented by AI.

AI Summit

The AI Summit will take place on December 1, alongside the EBU’s Winter General Assembly in Geneva. This one-day conference will provide access to insights and opinions from across the industry and an opportunity to learn from peers. Participants will be discussing how they can join forces to move faster and stronger in the response to AI developments whether at a strategic, ethical, legal, content, or technical level.

Members are welcome to join all or only part of the program, according to their particular interests.

The last day to register is November 24.

Who can participate?

  • EBU Member DGs and/or delegates at the EBU General Assembly 
  • Heads of AI 
  • Media, Programme and News Executives exploring the impact of AI in their work  
  • CTOs 
  • Platform and Distribution Executives exploring the impact of AI in their work 
  • Legal & Policy Executives exploring the impact of AI in their work  
  • Marketing & Communication Executives exploring new PSM narratives and campaigns in response to AI developments

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