Cambridge Disinformation Summit

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Cambridge Disinformation Summit

The Cambridge Disinformation Summit is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research across information science disciplines to advance our understanding of the societal impact of strategic disinformation, methods used to disseminate disinformation, the psychology of belief systems and why disinformation is effective at changing human behaviour, & sustainable methods to mitigate disinformation efficacy.

Hosted by: the Cambridge Centre for Financial Reporting & Accountability, the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, the University of Notre Dame Center for Accounting Research & Education, the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, the University of Zurich Accounting Faculty Group, and the Journal of Financial Reporting

Strategic disinformation is a malignant accelerant for major societal problems such as climate change denial, the rise and sustenance of extremism, radicalisation of terrorism, criminal fraud, and suppression of rights. It is exploited across all information dissemination platforms, including social media, news media, financial and non-financial reporting, and other broadcast vehicles.


Convene global thought leaders from psychology, journalism, financial reporting, political science, and related information science fields to discuss:

  1. the societal impact of strategic disinformation
  2. methods used to disseminate disinformation
  3. the psychology of self-deception and wilful ignorance and why disinformation is effective at changing human behaviour
  4. cross-discipline and sustainable ways to mitigate disinformation efficacy.


Due to extremely limited availability, attendance for the July in-person and live feed online events requires registration.

Register to attend the Cambridge Disinformation Summit via live online feed

The cost to join this event via a live online feed is £125. Registration to attend online closes on 27 July 2023.

Register to attend the Cambridge Disinformation Summit in-person

The cost to join this event in-person ranges between £435-£675. Registration to attend in-person closes on 30 June 2023.

To apply for a need-based registration fee waiver, please email


The Cambridge Disinformation Summit will be held at King’s College, Cambridge.

A dinner will also be hosted at King’s College, Cambridge.

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