CONNECT University Autumn School – Online Platforms Ecosystem

How well do you understand the Online Platforms Ecosystem? If you think it could be better, this might be for you.

CONNECT University Autumn School – Online Platforms Ecosystem

CONNECT University Autumn School 2023 will host an entire week on the topic, with policy makers and experts alike.

The digital revolution and the rise of online platforms have had a profound impact on both the economy and European society. As these platforms continue to grow in popularity and influence, it has become increasingly important for policymakers in the EU to develop comprehensive policies that address the various challenges and opportunities they present. 

Why should you join?

By understanding the complexities of this new digital landscape, policy shapers can support measures that promote fair competition, protect consumer rights, and foster innovation. Additionally, it is crucial for policymakers to work closely with industry stakeholders and engage in open dialogue to ensure that policies are effective and responsive to the ever-evolving nature of the digital economy.

This theme promises to be a thought-provoking discussion about the complex platforms ecosystems and the wider correlated digital policy landscape. We will explore the ways in which the multi-faceted mechanisms affect online platforms, and the policy challenges they face in an ever-changing digital environment.

Our expert panelists will provide valuable insights on the digital ecosystem, the purpose being not to focus exclusively on Platforms Regulations, but rather to gain a broader understanding on the topic and on how this anchors in many of DG CONNECT and EU Commission’s digital priorities.

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Day I, 9 Oct: Platforms Ecosystem Overview; Cyber Security & HR Strategies

Day II, 10 Oct: Digital Wallet; Language Technologies

Day III, 11 Oct: Algorithmic Transparency; Disinformation

Day IV, 12 Oct: DSA, DMA

Day V, 13 Oct: Data Platforms; Closing + Emerging AI Platforms

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