Content moderation for smaller players

July 13, from 2 to 3PM CEST, join for a webinar co-hosted by EU DisinfoLab and Tremau to discuss content moderation for smaller players.

Content moderation for smaller players

When we talk about content moderation and social media, usually a handful of players come to mind. But in reality, our online environment is much more vast and complex. All online services that host user-generated content face the challenge of mitigating dis- and misinformation, among other online harms. Finally, with the recently agreed EU Digital Services Act, we will have a European regulatory framework requiring increased transparency and accountability. The DSA could be a huge step forward in the fight against online disinformation. The new rules are in place. Are the players ready?

Join Louis-Victor de Franssu, CEO & Co-Founder of Tremau, and Claire Pershan, Policy Coordinator at EU DisinfoLab for a webinar on content moderation for online growing platforms on July 13, from 2 to 3PM CEST.

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