De Dag van Apache

On June 4, Apache Day will take place in Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Ghent with in-depth debates, a film screening and much more food for thought

De Dag van Apache

CrossOver will be a at the heart of the debate on disinformation, entitled “Separating sense from nonsense” at 5:30 p.m.

Fake news flourishes online. Who is behind this disinformation? What strategies, tactics and techniques do they employ? What are the social consequences of this constant flow of misleading or false information? What is the role of journalism in the fight against it?

Investigative journalist Steven Vanden Bussche talks to journalists Hind Fraihi (Apache) and Brecht Castel (Knack), and to Christophe Busch (Hannah Arendt Institute).

Hind Fraihi works as a journalist for Apache, the media partner of the CrossOver project. As a fact checker for Knack, Brecht Castel distinguishes sense from nonsense on a daily basis. Christophe Busch is director of the Hannah Arendt Institute, which forms a bridge between science and practice.

Note: the event will be held in Dutch

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