Digital Services Act Stakeholder event

This event will offer stakeholders, in particular civil society, the opportunity to provide input to the Commission ahead of the enforcement of the Digital Services Act (DSA). It also offers an occasion to network with other stakeholders, including platform representatives, as well as national and EU policy makers.

Digital Services Act Stakeholder event

With the DSA, the European Union aims to create a safer digital space. The DSA will help reduce the spread of illegal and harmful content, promote a more open and transparent internet, safeguard our freedom of speech and improve the protection of minors, while creating a level-playing field for business.  

The DSA has come into force in November 2022, and the European Commission now invites those interested in the implementation of the regulation to block their calendars for the first DSA Stakeholder event, which will be held on 27 June 2023 in Brussels.  

During the event, participants are invited to take part in technical workshops focusing on a wide range of topics covered by the DSA, ranging from data access for researchers, gender-based violence, protection of minors and illegal content to physical and mental wellbeing, non-compliant products and online marketplaces, disinformation, interface design and monitoring and data science. 

The event will take place on 27 June in Brussels and it will be livestreamed for online participation. 

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