EDMO Belux Lunch Lecture – How scientists can cope with negativity on social media

Social media can be very powerful tools for scientists who want to engage in science communication. But social media can also be quite a harsh environment, where scientists face a lot of backlash. How can you deal with negativity on social media?

EDMO Belux Lunch Lecture – How scientists can cope with negativity on social media

On 14 September, SciComm Academy and EDMO BELUX will organise a Lunch Lecture ‘How scientists can cope with negativity on social media’, with Bert Pieters as guest speaker. Bert works for Mediawijs, the Flemish knowledge centre for digital and media literacy. He has built up a large expertise on representation in the media and polarisation/radicalisation, visual literacy, propaganda, and conspiracy thinking. In recent years he has mainly experimented with ways of teaching about propaganda and conspiracy thinking. In this talk, he will offer you insights and guidelines to address negative comments on social media.

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The EDMO BELUX Lunch Lectures are a series of informal gatherings on research topics such as disinformation, hate speech, polarisation, and digitalisation. During each Lunch Lecture, a guest speaker presents their work in a 30-minute talk, after which we open the floor for discussion. Lunch Lectures take place online and can be joined by everyone who is interested and who has registered beforehand.

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