EDMO Fact-checking conference and workshop

Exchange, cooperation and networking against disinformation:

EDMO Fact-checking conference and workshop

Under this motto, GADMO partner CORRECTIV will be organizing a fact-checking conference on Friday, September 15, as part of the new b° future festival. The event in Bonn invites fact checkers, media professionals, researchers and experts mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to discuss together important topics around disinformation, artificial intelligence, regulations and media literacy in an informal setting.

As these topics are at the core of our work at the German-Austrian Digital Media Observatory we are happy to be part of the event.

The conference will take place in the format of a BarCamp: All participants can bring their own ideas. On site, we will decide together which topics will be discussed in different sessions throughout the day. In this way, the conference will meet all the individual needs and interests of the participants and actively involve all organizations.

For citizens, a free fact-checking workshop will be offered on Saturday, September 16. Participants will learn how to detect disinformation and classify information correctly.

Date: September 15 (conference), September 16 (workshop)

Location: Bonn, Germany

Registration for the conference: Please contact Florian Löffler from CORRECTIV

Registration for the workshop: Without registration – just drop by the CORRECTIV booth at Münsterplatz

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We empower the fight against disinformation. Check First is a software and methodologies company founded by a developer and two journalists. We focus on creating the best tools and practices for the peculiar job of countering and monitoring fakes and influence campaigns, and gain time in the process by fostering collaboration. Our best asset is the complementarity of our founding team, making us approach problems in a comprehensive and innovative way.

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