Fighting Disinformation Roadmap E-Summit

This E-Summit will be broadcasted and open to the public in an interactive session format to allow for shared perspectives and engagement between the experts and the public:

Fighting Disinformation Roadmap E-Summit

Since its massive advent on the public and political scene, from 2012 on, the rapid dissemination of disinformation, from fake news to deep fakes, has shaken both the integrity of information and the integrity of democracy. 

Disinformation ranges from fabricated falsehoods and alternative facts to any information in disagreement with one’s beliefs. It combines initial malevolent intent with end-user amplification and gets spun around with the virality and velocity of algorithm-driven mass and social media. 

Disinformation has also become a complex paradigm where specific segments like political propaganda, commercial click-bait, and hybrid cyber-threats are conjoined by a flow of news, networks, and businesses in a transborder and transmedia environment. 

To counter those perceived threats caused by disinformation, we have seen the rise to two major fields: fact-checking and media and information literacy (MIL).  

This has also created opportunities for newcomers to enter professional fields in need of revamping and further synchronization across practitioners, agencies, platforms, and networks.

Accordingly, the Fighting Disinformation Roadmap E-Summit aims to bring together senior practitioners in these two fields, as well as academics, researchers, and innovators, in order to:

  • Exchange and share knowledge
  • Discuss ideas and solutions for a future collaborative roadmap or a joint campaign to combat all aspects of fake news, social and mainstream media manipulation, and disinformation.

About us

We empower the fight against disinformation. Check First is a software and methodologies company founded by a developer and two journalists. We focus on creating the best tools and practices for the peculiar job of countering and monitoring fakes and influence campaigns, and gain time in the process by fostering collaboration. Our best asset is the complementarity of our founding team, making us approach problems in a comprehensive and innovative way.

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