From catalyst for freedom to tool for repression: social media and gendered disinformation in Tunisia?

This event on social media and gendered disinformation in Tunisia will be recorded and shared publicly afterwards on this RSVP page.

From catalyst for freedom to tool for repression: social media and gendered disinformation in Tunisia?

Heralded by many as a blueprint for advancement towards gender equality in the MENA region, Tunisia’s rapid slide into autocracy is dangerously threatening women’s political participation, equal rights and democracy. Social media companies are failing to target malign actors who are using their platforms to spread politically-motivated disinformation, allowing algorithms to amplify sexist harassment and abuse.

As a result, women in politics and women leaders, particularly those who defend women’s rights and democracy, are uniquely attacked through gendered disinformation campaigns aimed at both portraying them as unfit for the public sphere and eroding democratic institutions altogether.

Join us in launching #ShePersisted’s newest case study, From Catalyst for Freedom to Tool for Repression: A #ShePersisted Analysis of Gendered Disinformation in Tunisia, the fourth of five country-specific case studies in the #MonetizingMisogyny research series analyzing the patterns, impact and modus operandi of online attacks and gendered disinformation campaigns targeting women leaders.

Aymen Zaghdoudi, MENA Senior Policy Counsel for Access Now

Ikram Ben Said, Founder of Aswat Nissa

Lilia Labidi, anthropologist, psychologist, and former Minister for Women’s Affairs in Tunisia 

Hanène Zbiss, investigative journalist and journalism professor

Lucina Di Meco, Co-founder of #ShePersisted and author of the report

Sarah Hesterman, Program Associate with #ShePersisted and co-author of the report

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