Global Media and Information Literacy Week

Global Media and Information Literacy Week, commemorated annually, is a major occasion for stakeholders to review and celebrate the progress achieved towards Media and Information Literacy for All.

Global Media and Information Literacy Week

UNESCO and members of the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance are calling partners all over the world to promote Global Media and Information Literacy Week by organizing and registering events/activities online or offline. Together with its Feature Events (International Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Conference and Youth Agenda Forum), Global Media and Information Literacy Week links up local events around the world to promote Media and Information Literacy connections across disciplines, professions and borders.

Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2022

Theme: “Nurturing trust: A Media and Information Literacy Imperative“.

The Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2022 is hosted by Nigeria. In Our Common Agenda, report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr António Guterres, twelve commitments were made by world leaders. Among these commitments, Mr Guterres highlighted the values of trust and solidarity as being the glue for social cohesion and social breakthroughs for the common good.

However, the harsh reality is that the trust factor is being eroded. Considering the background above, the global community is called upon not only to reaffirm and increase commitment to media and information literacy for all but also to develop new initiatives on media and information literacy to nurture trust. Thus, the Global MIL Week 2022 focuses on trust and solidarity as it relates to people, media, digital platforms, governments, private sector, and non-governmental organizations. It highlights some promising actions in connection with media and information literacy in the last year and how media and information literacy helps with nurturing trust and countering mistrust.

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