Digital Services (h)Acked hackathon 

Challenge 1 of this hackathon is currently underway and open for sign-ups until January 22nd.

Digital Services (h)Acked hackathon 

As the DSA is set to apply to all platforms from 17 February, PEReN and the European Commission (represented by DG Connect and ECAT) are jointly organizing the Digital Services (h)Acked hackathon. This event is supported by IDRIS and the CNRS National Computing Centre, leveraging the resources of the Jean Zay supercomputer.

The primary objective of the hackathon is to enrich the effectiveness of DSA transparency measures through an open-source approach. The event comprises two distinct challenges:

  • Challenge 1 is to construct a suite of open source tools for collecting, parsing and centralizing online platform transparency documentation.
  • Challenge 2 is to develop a tool that draws on open source language models to provide substantiated answers (including pre-processing code where possible) to questions linked to platform data, particularly that made available via APIs.

Challenge 1 is currently underway and open for sign-ups until January 22nd. Meanwhile, Challenge 2 is scheduled to take place on February 2nd in Brussels, with sign-ups available until January 15th.

Photo: Patrick C. Freyer on Unsplash

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