Health & Humanity Summit

The Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) South Asia inaugural Health and Humanity Summit 2023 aims to be a platform for critical discourse on humanitarian and public health issues, encouraging new perspectives and innovative approaches to conventional models of aid.

Health & Humanity Summit

The Summit aims to foster dialogue and create networks, initiate partnerships, and encourage collaborations between those at the intersections of the humanitarian space, tech and innovation, climate, and information ecosystems. 

The fourth session of the summit will focus on disinformation in emergencies.

Past is Prologue: Building Community Resilience to Combat Mis/Disinformation in Emergencies

Mis/disinformation can quickly spread during emergencies, exacerbating the situation and hindering response efforts. However, communities with a history of building resilience are better equipped to deal with these challenges.

Investing in education and communication efforts that promote understanding the risks and consequences of mis/disinformation is essential. This includes promoting media literacy and critical thinking skills and providing clear and accurate information about emergencies.

Technology offers powerful tools to combat the spread of false narratives, such as leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and flag misleading content. Collaborative online platforms enable rapid information sharing among communities, strengthening their ability to verify and disseminate accurate information.

By fostering community resilience through these innovative technological solutions, communities can unite, adapt, and combat the challenges posed by misinformation in times of crisis.

The Health and Humanity Summit aims to ignite change and enable action in addressing these issues, including healthcare affordability and accessibility for marginalized communities.


  • Tina Purnat, Health Information and Infodemic Manager, WHO
  • Osama Manzar, Executive Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation
  • Shalini Joshi, Director, Meedan & Co-founder Khabar Lahariya
  • Moderator: Divya Pushkarna, Disinformation Advisor, MSF

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