How to fact-check in the AI age

The spread of misinformation is a growing concern complicated even more by artificial intelligence technologies.

How to fact-check in the AI age

As AI-generated images and videos become more common, how do we distinguish fact from fiction?

In this free public webinar, the News Literacy Project’s Dan Evon and DeMario Phipps-Smith will discuss the fundamentals of fact-checking in the AI age. Join us to learn how to debunk false images and videos, both computer-generated and human-made.

  • Dan Evon writes for RumorGuard™, which uses examples of viral misinformation to help people learn to separate fact from fiction. He previously was a reporter for Snopes, the internet’s oldest fact-checking site.
  • DeMario Phipps-Smith leads news literacy training for adults around the country. DeMario joined NLP in September 2022 after more than six years as a digital media professional for various publications, including his hometown paper, the Chicago Sun-Times.

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