Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Day

Join these online sessions organized by Poynter on April 3rd and 4th, right after International Fact-Checking Day.

Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Day

April 2 marks International Fact-Checking Day, a global initiative aimed at emphasizing the crucial role of accurate information in our interconnected world. As we celebrate this day, we also recognize the vital work of fact-checkers worldwide who dedicate their efforts to upholding truth about what matters most in life. At the International Fact-Checking Network, we believe that elevating facts is not solely the responsibility of professionals, but rather a collective effort involving public participation. By elevating fact-checkers and promoting credible sources, we can foster a healthy information ecosystem where truth prevails over falsehoods. Join us in recognizing that #FactsMatter in building a more informed and resilient society.

We will host two panel discussions on fact-checking during crisis and fact-checking organizations facing oppressive lawsuits across the world. These webinars will feature experts in the field who will share their experiences and insights on how to conduct effective fact-checking in difficult situations, as well as their experiences navigating legal challenges and threats to press freedom.

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This webinar will delve into the legal challenges posed against fact-checking, as well as situations in which the government has tried to stifle critical reporting.


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Fact-checking during a crisis

This panel will focus on fact-checking during crises. It will explore the challenges and opportunities fact-checkers face during times of crisis.


The International Fact-Checking Network is also planning IFCN-themed trivia, which fact-checkers can participate in. Fact-checkers can test their knowledge and learn more about the International Fact-Checking Network and the organizations that comprise it. 

Moreover, we will feature a series of op-eds from a variety of organizations, spanning from Africa to South America to Asia, highlighting issues pertinent to their regions. These op-eds will provide a global perspective on fact-checking and the challenges and opportunities faced by fact-checkers around the world.

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