The digital mob and its enablers: Gendered disinformation and online abuse against women in politics in India

Register now for the launch of ShePersisted's upcoming case study to learn more about the patterns, impact and modus operandi of gendered disinformation in India on April 4th.

The digital mob and its enablers: Gendered disinformation and online abuse against women in politics in India

Far from providing opportunities to participate in the public sphere, online spaces in India have evolved into places of relentless attacks and harassment for traditionally marginalized communities, especially women. Disinformation campaigns and trolling are pervasive, organized, and strategically deployed to seriously pollute the information system and electoral processes, resulting in weakening democratic debate and undermining progress on women’s and minority rights.

A new report by #ShePersisted published as part of the series “Monetized Misogyny” examines the intersection of gender, technology and the erosion of democracy in India. It focuses on the dynamics, goals and modus operandi of gendered disinformation campaigns. Indian diaspora-led think tank The London Story and #ShePersisted are launching this report together. The report release takes place ahead of the “International Meet of Women 20”, a conference hosted by India as part of its G20 Presidency to promote gender equality.

Dr Ritumbra Manuvie, lecturer in International Law at the University of Groningen and Executive Director of The London Story will moderate the conversation between the report lead author and two strong women with a story to tell.

  • Lucina di Meco is the lead report author from #ShePersisted.
  • Swati Chaturvedi is a journalist and author of “I am a Troll – Inside the BJP’s secret digital army”.
  • Angellica Aribam is a social activist and named one of Forbes India 30 under 30 in 2017.

The message they send is clear: As the world’s largest democracy is also becoming one of the largest markets for social media companies, what is happening in India has implications for the future of digital technology, democracy and women’s rights globally.

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