The Digital Services Act and The Code of Practice on Disinformation

Speaker: Christel Schaldemose , Benoît Loutrel , Mathias Vermeulen Moderator: Anya Schiffrin

The Digital Services Act and The Code of Practice on Disinformation

The EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) represents a major step in regulating online platforms and tackling a range of identified and potential harms. As the question shifts to one of enforcement and accountability, eyes also turn to the recently strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation, which has doubled its number of signatories and list of commitments, and which will evolve into a co-regulatory code of conduct under the DSA for Very Large Online Platforms. How will the DSA interact with and strengthen the updated code? How do they interact with existing regulation like the General Data Protection Regulation and forthcoming ones like the AI Act? Join GMF and Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs for a timely panel discussion examining the potential global consequences of this new regulation. 

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