The disinformation landscape across Europe

EU DisinfoLab hosts a webinar presenting the European disinformation landscape based on the various country disinformation factsheets they have gathered thanks to their community of counter-disinformation experts.

The disinformation landscape across Europe

EU Disinfo Lab gathered country factsheets that highlight the disinformation landscape across EU Member States. From the most emblematic disinformation cases and recurrent narratives to the community actors and the policy initiatives, you should grasp the essentials of the disinformation landscape in those countries in a short read.

Here are the guides covering the disinformation landscape of BelgiumFinlandFranceGermanyIrelandItalySpain, and Sweden. New documents will be uploaded regularly.

In this webinar, we will present our series of country factsheets that highlight the disinformation landscape across EU Member States, from the most emblematic cases to recurrent narratives, community actors, and policy initiatives. Our panel of experts dedicated to studying and combating this phenomenon will share their thoughts and extensive knowledge, and answer your questions during the Q&A.

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  • Eileen Culloty, Deputy Director, Dublin City University, Institute for Future Media, Democracy and Society & Ireland EDMO Hub
  • Hanna Linderstål, CEO, Business Protection Specialist/Virtual Analytics, Earhart Business Protection Agency
  • Keith Kiely, Experienced Researcher, Gate Institute & BRODHub


  • Maria Giovanna Sessa, Senior Researcher, EU DisinfoLab

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