The Misinformation Village

Coding for Chaos; Red-teaming Democracy

The Misinformation Village

In the digital era, cyber offense tactics pose significant threats to societal stability and functionality. These tactics can range from data breaches, ransomware attacks, and disinformation campaigns to targeted strikes on critical infrastructure. The interconnectedness of our world means that cyber-attacks can have far-reaching consequences, disrupting essential services like healthcare, transportation, and finance.


We seek proposals exploring security risk assessments, thread models, responses, and analysis of the broader information landscape. Ecosystem actors mapping and evaluations of asset allocation and response effectiveness, particularly in the context of election integrity projects, are also critical in our bid to understand and counter the adverse effects of disinformation and what it is to effectively “hack” democracy. Given the complex nature now of both new content formats and the ‘viral’ reach of information and algorithmic information dissemination channels, we are particularly interested in proposals that investigate tools for content authenticity, information verifiability, and the role of decentralized protocols and cryptography in building trust in digital media and new decentralized digital native communities (the fediverse). We are also looking for contributions shedding light on the legal frameworks related to data privacy, security, and freedom of speech.


Join us for three days of talks, panels and tabletop exercises for a deep dive into the world of digital information operations. Expect an exciting lineup of discussions, exercises, and panels, shedding light on a diverse range of topics such as the contrasting disinformation strategies of global powers, the role of Twitter in U.S. political discourse, and the real threats posed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will dissect a landmark case study of a significant social phishing cyberattack during Brazil’s election. We will demystify technical jargon using threat analysis frameworks in a hands-on exercise, delve into the intricacies of modern Chinese information operations, and discuss the implications of a significant breach of private health data. Misinformation Village @ DEFCON is both a conference and an opportunity to engage with compelling conversations, explore innovative techniques, and interact with a diverse audience, all geared towards combating digital threats and misinformation in our ever-evolving digital landscape.


We’re introducing a new format to the Village this year, tabletop exercise or TTX! Engage with riveting discussions, activities on the science of persuation, messaging on the underbelly of political disinformation, innovative social media strategies amidst geopolitical turbulence, the critical crossroads of data privacy and disinformation, and the science of curating compelling narratives within the tech ecosystem. Our interactive sessions promise thrilling direct participation in the nitty-gritty of creating digital threats and incidents, disinformation campaigns, advocacy and storytelling. Our workshop setting is limited in space. If you would like to join, reach out to us and do let us know!

About us

Check First is a leading Finnish software and methodologies company, spearheading adversarial research techniques. We believe that everyone should be able to understand how and why content is presented to them. We advocate for online clarity and accountability, building solutions to attain this goal. Partnering with leading institutions, regulators, NGOs and educators, we aim at curbing the spread of disinformation and foreign influence manipulations.

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