United Against Disinformation: A Truly European Response

The Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kaili invites you to hear about the latest innovations in the fight against disinformation.

United Against Disinformation: A Truly European Response

We receive more information in 24 hours nowadays than people in the 15th century did in their entire lives. We come across, like, and share hundreds of messages a day. Some of this content is intentionally meant to lead us astray. European citizens are exposed weekly to misleading information taken out of context, exaggerated, omitted, or even invented. A strong European response against disinformation is crucial to ensure the protection of European values and democracy.

Our discussion will look in detail at how disinformation affects our democracies (with Eva Kaili), the European media ecosystem (with Deutsche Welle), the trust in the scientific community (with the European Science-Media Hub) and will propose optimistic views for the future when it comes to the action of an independent platform like EDMO to increase societal resilience to disinformation (EDMO and ATC).

The creation of EDMO in 2020 following the 2018 Commission’s detailed action plan against disinformation is a key element to work toward a deeper understanding of online disinformation, its mechanisms and actors, challenges, and impact on society. EDMO supports the work of a multidisciplinary expert community to counter the threat disinformation represents to democracy. To increase efficiency, EDMO Hubs act locally across every EU member state and provide European citizens with the evidence-based information they can trust.

Registrations are open on a first-come-first-served basis for a maximum of 40 participants.

14:30 Meeting point in front of the European Parliament

15:00 – 16:00:

Eva Kaili | Vice-President of The European Parliament

Lauri Tierala & Paula Gori | European Digital Media Observatory

Nikos Sarris | Athens Technology Center

Jochen Spangenberg | Deutsche Welle

Vitalba Crivello | European Science-Media Hub

Krisztina Stump | European Commission DG CNECT

16:00 – 16:30 Cocktail

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