“Don’t open the door to disinformation”: reject the media exemption in the DSA

Check First, along with 50 other fact-checking organizations, NGO or researchers, reject the proposition of a media exemption in the DSA.

Amendments (511/Recital 38 and 513/Article 12) to the Digital Services Act propose to create a de facto media exemption from content moderation.

Check First took part in advocating against media exemption by signing an open letter by EU DisinfoLab adressed to the MEPs:

A media exemption would reverse years of progress in the fight against hate speech and disinformation online, preventing very large online platforms from down ranking, deleting, or even labelling any content coming from a press publication — regardless of whether a given post is actively peddling hateful, patently false or otherwise harmful content. This would not only shield thousands of accounts claiming media privileges from the remit of the DSA, it would prevent or otherwise disincentivize platforms from taking voluntary remedial action themselves

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